This is the most common forms that you will sign as part of a transaction with iDrive Westminster. This may not be a complete list as your transaction may require special forms depending on the situation. Please read all forms carefully and if you have any questions a member of our team would be happy to answer them for you.


Photo/Video Consent Form

This form states that you give consent for iDrive Westminster to take and share photographs and video/digital recordings of you to use in any type of media for advertising with no financial compensation to you. This does include use in all social media.


iDrive Exchange Policy

iDrive Westminster has a 7 day exchange policy. This will allow you to exchange the vehicle you purchased for it's full cost within 7 days or 500 miles, whichever comes first, from delivery if you have any concerns iDrive Westminster can not correct.


Buyers Order

The Bill of Sale/Buyers Order gives a breakdown of vehicle pricing, fees, tag and title, and taxes. This also will show the breakdown of buyer, co-buyer, purchase vehicle, and trade information.


Arbitration Agreement

The Arbitration Agreement is a very important legal document that pertains to your rights as a consumer. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


Waiver of Benefits

The Waiver of Benefits states we have shown and explained all you options available for service contracts. If you decline any additional service contracts this is stating you are doing so with all knowledge that you as the owner will be solely responsible for all cost of repair after the Buyers Guide stated warranty time or miles.


Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide will give you the base warranty supplied to you by iDrive Westminster. Most vehicles will come with a Powertrain warranty for 90 day or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Delivery Confirmation

The Delivery Confirmation confirms your satisfaction of the vehicle at time of delivery and gives a chance to have record of anything missing from the transaction or vehicle.


Due Bill

The Due Bill will list anything iDrive Westminster owes you the Buyer or you the Buyer owes iDrive Westminster.


Electronic Signature, Communication, and Records

This form states you as the buyer agree to conduct business with us electronically, including electronic signatures and electronic communication.


Odometer Statement

The Odometer Statement list the current Odometer for your purchased vehicle or your trade. This also would inform you the buyer if the vehicle has actual mileage, excess of it's mechanical limits mileage, or not actual mileage.


Payoff Authorization

The Payoff Authorization allows us to payoff your trade and have the trade title issued to us directly.


Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney allows iDrive Westminster to apply for the title, register, and transfer title ownership on your behalf.


Agreement to Provide Insurance

The Agreement to Provide Insurance states that part of your Installment Sales Agreement you agree to provide adequate insurance with the lender listed as the loss payee.


Guarantee of Trade Title

The Guarantee of Trade Title states that you the buyer agree to provide iDrive Westminster with the title to your trade by a certain predetermined date.


Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice informs you the buyer what iDrive Westminster does with your personal information and your rights as a consumer. Please read carefully as you do have limited options available with the sharing of your information.

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